Internationally known as “Guitar with winged sound, is considered one of the greatest guitarists of this century. A very original and unique meeting with the guitar, when is was seven, left him dazzled, and indelibly marked his destiny.

In the last, few years, he is leaving a touching mark as a composer, not only for guitar but also for all instrumental ensembles and for choral music (sacred and otherwise).

Young winner of the prestigious international competition “Villa Lobos” , best pupil  of Oscar Ghiglia at Accademia Chigiana of Siena, “Best Solo Player 1992”, right from the start his career touches all continents in many prestigious locations including Wigmore Hall in London (so dear to Julian Bream), Beijing University China, Jerico City (West Bank, with Damasco the holdest tows in the world), Vatican Radio, Rai Radio/Television, Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in Istambul, FAO and Headquarters of United Nations.


Joaquin Rodrigo  wanted to meet him after his performance of the Concert of Aranjuez.

Founder and director of the first brazilian magazine about guitar “Violao America” and the first chamber group “Belo Horizonte Guitar Ensemble”, he is Testimonial for ONU and FAO, like: Carl Lewis, Carla Fracci, Jeremy Irons, Dee Dee Bridgwater, Nino Benvenuti, Susan Sarandon, Pierre Cardin, Roberto Baggio, Rita L. Montalcini and many others.

Special Guest during the World Food Day,  he played  for the General Secreteray of UN BanKiMoon, and FAO Directors General Jaques Diouf and Josè G. Da Silva.


Among the many awards received there are “Bolgheri Melody” (also assigned to the ex president of italian Republic, C.A. Ciampi), the“Gift of Humanity” for his concerts in support of human rights worldwide, REA Award during Sanremo Festival and Saint Pio Award .

His figure as a musician is an important reference for many degree tese in various universities around the world.

Artistic consultant of the  Xi’An Baroque School of Music China and the Weifang Tongsheng Music Training School, he is teacher and artistic director in many schools and academies in different countries; and gives concerts, workshops and master classes all over the world


Special guest to celebrate Ayrton Senna, his compatriot  prematurely dead, Domenico Modugno and many other artists, Marcos Vinicius represented his Brazil in the international “EXPO 2015”.

Among the most impressive  locations where he has performed his recitals, there are the Wigmore Hall in London and the Headquarters of United Nations, in New York.

The prestigious publisher Carrara (distribuited by  Schott Music) has dedicated to him a series, the “Marcos Vinicius Guitar Collection”,  including several transcriptions (Telemann, Rossini, Bach, Georg Haendel, Weiss, Sanz, Paganini, Penambuco), many original compositions and technical  guitar treatises.

He also gives cooperations in Italy with Pongo Classica, Rugginenti Editore, Preludio Music, Sonitus; in Canada with Doz Productions; in Spain with Periferia Sheet Music.


Many radio and TV broadcasters in several countries (China, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Canada, USA, Vatican City State) often devote to him special tv programs, about his important role of  music performer and composer.

A real cult is an hold tv-special into the program “Music Stories” on CCTV9 China.

In 1992, thanks to the performance with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra of the Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo (who to thank him, invited him personally in his summer residence), he deserves the brazilian critic award as “Best Solo player 1992”.

In 2004, in Milan, he is protagonist in a Messa concert, organized by the Brazilian Cultural Institute  to celebrate Ayrton Senna, his compatriot prematurely dead.

In 2010 he becomes testimonial for UN Organization and FAO and makes his performance in Gerico – the most ancient town in the world – in occasion of its 10,000 years age. Also unforgettable  his rrecital at United Nations Central Palace in New York, in front of the Secretary Mr. Ban Ki Moon and FAO Director General Mr. Jacques Diouf.

In occasion of the International Food Day, he was special guest  together with Dee Dee Bridgwater, while Jeremy Irons is declared  Goodwill Ambassador, at the presence of Carl Lewis, Carla Fracci, Gina Lollobrigida, Pietro Mennea, Nino Benvenuti, Céline Dion, Roberto Baggio (all together testimonials on the radio – tv  campaing in favour of FAO projects in the Horn of Africa).

Among the most important orchestra – cooperations there are  “Pernambuco Symphony Orchestra,  “Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra”,  “Orchestra Sinfonica Italiana” and the “Kiev Symphony Orchestra”, as well as his several  outstanding performances in the main towns in Brazil as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Olinda, Belém and Florianopolis; in Turkey at the prestigious Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in Istambul.

Recently fascinated by the vocality  tone colour, he has  composed a magnificent “Ave Maria”, for mix choir, that was the winner  at the prestigious Vicktoria International Choir Exhibition Festival in Kiev. After that, he is contiinuing to compose many others vocal works.

President of the Classic Guitar Academy of Milan, Marcos Vinicius is the author of  “Sounds from the Ring” – Idyllium Publishing -, the original soundtrack of docu-movie “L’Oro dei Cinquanta”,  about the 50° Golden Anniversary official ceremony about Nino Benvenuti (organized by Anita Madaluni, biographer of both)  for the world victory of the italian boxe champion at Madison Square Garden NY, in the April 17th 1967; official ceremony with the patronage of American Ambassy.


About him
“Vinicius redefines the rules of any musical genre”

Dean L.Farley, USA

“Capable of rare perfection”
Targstung Journal, Austria
“…more than his virtuosity Vinicius offers to our listening sounds hidden among the cords of this wonderful instrument.”
Riccardo Chailly, Director of the Royal Concertgbouw, Amsterdam
“…an utmost sensitivity and a very great level technique.”
Jorg Sumemmeier, President of International Guitar Association, Germany
“…A very pure artist, bright and warm..”
Oscar Ghiglia, Accademia Chigiana of Siena, Italy
“…there is a short part of his path where Vinicius not only passes through the music of other people, but inside himself. Everything is poetic, noble, in his eloquent phrasing, in his tone-colour fantasy…”
“With his new CD “Viola Violar” Vinicius might move Pfilzner of Hindemith too: you can imagine what about us! In his album there is a tone-colour so warm and fascinating to inflame and exalte our feeling.”
Gian Mario Benzing, Corriere della Sera, Italy
“ this artist mainly strikes us by his phrasing limpidity and sound quality, which is not an easy aim on six cords. The beauty of his “touch” creates atmosphere, colour, warmth, romance, and his music goes straight to your heart.”
Pino Pignata, Famiglia Cristiana, Italy
“the brazilian Marcos Vinicius, the most famous virtuoso soloist of the new international generation of guitar players, presents in “Dedicatoria”, gently and with art and pleasure, eighteen works which, ideally following the thread of life, bind pieces from Paetorius to Sanz, from Borges to Rodrigo, from Brouwer to Granados.”
Direct Rriflections, Revista del Bose Club
“…european refined tastes, an english lord appeal, which could take in by appearances: during his performance, he is taken by an enchantment, showing his brazilian sensitivity, like a full-sounding canvas that fascinates the listeners, which hardly may resurface to reality.”
Fabio Germinaro, Musibrasil
“…Marcos Vinicius, a guitar virtuoso that looks like Liszt”
L’Eco di Bergamo, Italy
“ …a unique power in his hands: through the Music, being carried away into a dream, leaving behind the world that surrounds us.”
Giornale dell’Alto Milanese
“…he shows a very rich and enchanting tone-colour peculiarity. Anything he plays is moved by his personal fresh and charming sound, showing a deep care to create the particular nuance of his so eloquent phrasing, because, first of all, Vinicius seems to be a passionate ballader.”
Corriere della Sera (ViviMilano, Classical Records)
“…it is quite impossible to find any arrogance or the caprices of a prima donna, but the modesty of who is playing with Love, with Enjoyment and with Respect, in the aim of entering into an inviolable friendship with the silence.”
Davide Ielmini, La Prealpina
“…through his consummate technique, Marcos uses the music as a language to establish relationships, in a merge with his instrument, by cancelling the feeling of invisible limit that often raises between the performer and the listener.”
Marco Cinque, Il Manifesto
“…he can convey the amazing musicality of brazilian composers by his rhythmic scansion, his phrasing, the brightness of the language of his guitar, his ability to communicate with the great music: he is a unique gift to the humanity.”
Alessandro Colombo